Walt Disney World

Walt Disney World near Kissimmee is one of the most popular holiday destinations in Florida. With its Magic Kingdom which has many attractions enjoyed by the whole family. The roller coaster rides are a particular favourite, such as Space Mountain, Splash Mountain and Thunder Mountain. You will never be short of things you and your family get excited and thrilled about.

Walt Disney World

There is also the Animal Kingdom where you can enjoy a safari trek to see hundreds of animals in their natural habitat. Seeing these animals during the day is exciting in itself but then at night you are treated to sensational colourful displays of nature.

Animal Kingdom

Then there is the Epcot Centre where you are treated to a visual display of architecture and culture from many countries around the world. Here there is a wonderful selection of foods from a variety of countries along with many musical events and entertainment.


This wonderful family experience and many more family attractions in Orlando can be enjoyed from The Emerald Island Resort located only 10 minutes’ drive from the Walt Disney World.

This luxury resort itself which is over 300 acres offers many facilities such as a beautiful resort pool, an exciting and adventurous children’s play area and a tiki bar where you can enjoy light snacks and drinks. The resort also has an 11 acre nature walk which should not be missed. The whole family, especially the children, will get really excited about  being so close to nature.

If you are considering a holiday in Orlando the Emerald Island Resort is by far one of your best options with its many luxury villas, most with their own pools and Jacuzzi.

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