Disney Parks for First-Timers

So you are a first-timer going to the Disney Parks. This is a really exciting prospect for you and your family. Here are some tips to avoid ‘Rookie’ mistakes!! Disney theme parks are pretty huge.

Tip 1

Where comfortable shoes/trainers. The amount of walking is easily eclipsed by the number of hours you will be on your feet.

Tip 2

Do not start visiting the theme parks without a plan. Do your research before you leave home. You’ll waste time and possibly end up lost without a map and an itinerary for the day.

Tip 3

There are four theme parks, two water parks, over 300 restaurants, countless rides, live shows, and so much more. You are not going to do it all. So don’t try! In each park prioritise those things that for you are a ‘must do’. Then the next ‘do if you have the time’.

Tip 3

When FastPasses return! The queues for some rides can be in excess of 2 hours!! Get the ‘My Disney experience’ account and app. Then you can manage the FastPass.  Your initial three choices for the day need to be in the same park. After you’ve used all three, you can make a fourth reservation using the My Disney Experience App on your smartphone or by visiting a FastPass+ kiosk in any park. You can continue to make additional FastPass reservations one at a time. 

Tip 4

Get in early or late to avoid the worst of the queues for the popular rides. Try not to miss the Opening Ceremony, “Let the Magic Begin” at the Magic Kingdom, which takes place five minutes before the official park opening. If you arrive early, you can hit the popular rides that you weren’t able to get a FastPass+ for.

Tip 5

Disney theme parks are all unique in their own way. All 4 parks are definitely worth visiting so try to ensure you get the chance to visit all of them.

Tip 6

Give yourselves a break. Going everyday to the parks is exhausting so break it up with a day or so by the beautiful pool at your vacation home between each park day.

Tip 7

There is lots to spend your money on once inside the parks. Save your buying until the end of the day and that way you won’t have to carry it around. Also don’t get carried away with your credit card!! Its easily done.

Tip 8

Make reservations for your favourite dining venues which are possible for most venues up to 180 days in advance… Especially if you want a particular character breakfast for example. You will find a mix of dining venues from reasonable to jolly expensive!! Plan your food budget at the park carefully as its easy to overspend.

Blog Post by Michael

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