Welcome to Celebration

When we visit our Villa on Emerald Island Resort, I always look forward to visiting the area of Celebration.  It is approximately 10 minutes’ drive from Emerald Island Resort, just off the 192. Celebration is a development created by the Walt Disney Company. It is quite close to Walt Disney World Resort itself.

It is a very peaceful quaint place, with business, shops and lots of lovely restaurants to go visit.  Some of our favorite restaurants are there including a Japanese place called Ari, a Thai place called Thai Thanni, a Columbian just called Columbia but our most favorite place to go visit is called Kilwins.  An ice cream parlor we go to every time we visit Celebration.

Kilwins have many flavors of ice cream, you can try before you buy, they have lots of different toppings available, we go and select what each of us fancy and sit down opposite on the rocking chairs facing the lake and watch the world and people go by.  There is nothing more relaxing than that.

On Sundays there is a farmers market.  An experience in itself.  You can walk around Celebration, there are parks and walking trails. Lots to see and do.

Celebration is a place not just for tourists people do live there too, it has a post office (actually the closet to Emerald Island Resort), schools, library, a hospital and a fire station.

If we ever win the lottery my husband and daughter would very much like to buy a house in Celebration and live there full time.

Visiting near to Halloween and or Christmas the locals decorate their houses and I have never seen anything like it.  Spectacular. 

Celebration Home decorated for Christmas.

Post written by Berni

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