Accommodation Must-Haves

When you are looking for accommodation for your next rental, be sure your accommodation has the following must-haves. Of course, there may be other considerations to meet your family’s specific needs. But the following should get you to start thinking.

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Fitness Center

Unless you are planning to be in theme parks each day of your trip, you may feel sedentary relaxing by the pool all day long.  A Gym or fitness center will certainly come to rescue on those days. Look for a fitness center that is not just a hole in the wall or an afterthought. Look for a nice spacious setting with a TV, treadmills, interval trainers, and weight equipment. Most vacation rental communities have nothing at all, so check what they have if they do.

Nearby Super Markets

In an unfamiliar town looking for a grocery store or market is a huge inconvenience. Most of the time the one you find is so expensive you wonder why you even bothered. Find a vacation property that has a market nearby, and ask if it has regular, “real” world prices.

“We were so shocked that the prices they have at Publix. They had better prices than our grocery store at home. We bought stuff to make breakfast. We had such a good time. We made breakfast every morning and saved on dining out. In the evenings we had a ball at the Tikki Bar. They have a terrific staff and even better drinks.”

Emerald Island Resort


In an unfamiliar place, the last thing you want to worry about is the security of your family or belongings. One accommodation must-haves is looking for a place that has top-notch security and controlled access to the area. It is not uncommon for high-end resorts to have gated access or gated access with full-time staff. What you want to avoid are the areas where anyone can just walk-in.

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Community or Private Facilities

Today kids and adults love video games and playing pool. A lot of vacation rentals do not even have a clubhouse never mind a game room and billiard table. Kids love having something to do and parents love knowing where they are and what they are doing.

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